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We have tickets available for the Big Ceilidh on New Year's Eve at St Mary's Hall, Baldock with the superb Geckoes and our very own Barry Goodman calling. 8.00 p.m. to 12.30 a.m.

The New Year's Eve ceilidh is ticket only, and has a maximum of 70 tickets. The venue is the same as the normal ceilidhs - St Mary's Hall, Church Street, Baldock SG7 5AE, with dancing from 8 p.m. to 12.30. Doors open 7.30 p.m.

The band is Geckoes (geckoes.co.uk) with Barry Goodman (barrygoodmanfolk.co.uk) calling. There will be a full bar with real ale as usual, run by volunteers, a Grand Raffle, free tots of whisky for adults at midnight and Auld Lang Syne will be lustily sung. There is expected to be an outbreak of kissing. We normally sell out.

You can't buy these tickets on-line via the website, as you can with the normal ceilidhs.

You can buy them at the ceilidhs (Fridays November 10th & December 8th - see www.unicornceilidhs.org.uk ) or from Alan Creamer by sending a cheque made out to Unicorn Ceilidhs to his address, 66 Wychwood Avenue, Luton LU2 7HU, or by direct bank to bank payment - sort code 30-10-49, A/c No 21610168. Let him know by text to 07946 439095 or email to his address that you've sent him electrons, and he will then check the bank account.

There are then two ways of receiving the tickets - either send a SAE with your cheque, and he'll post the tickets to you, or as soon as the money's in the account he will put them in an envelope marked with your name and details, and you can collect them on the night. The majority of people who didn't buy tickets in person last year used this method.

Only £18 for adults, or £10 for children (under 18 on the night). No concessions.

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